High School Sport is very appreciated in the USA

What are the benefits of sports in school?

Many people consider physical education not one of those subjects that are important. Unfortunately, they forget that playing sports influences the health of a child. Therefore, it is dangerous to underestimate the importance of sport in the life of schoolchildren. Let’s review this issue in more detail.

benefits of sports in school

Physical education – the first step towards health

A survey of the health of modern schoolchildren showed that only 50% of students in the lower grades are completely healthy. The number of healthy schoolchildren decreases by half by the sixth grade, and only 5% of schoolchildren can boast of perfect health by the 12 grade. Scientists believe that such a catastrophic decline in healthy children is directly related to the lack of sports in the lives of children. In order to change the situation, it is necessary to pay special attention to sports in school.

The main goal of physical education is to develop physical activity and various physical qualities in children, teaching students the basics of a healthy lifestyle, as well as introducing students to independent sports and exercise. This is especially true in modern realities when many children lead a sedentary lifestyle and prefer to play computer games.

In addition, many experts are confident that playing sports has a positive effect on the formation of such important values for modern society as the desire to achieve success, the desire to win, the ability to resist not only your rivals but also your own weaknesses.

Physical exercise and sports from an unexpected point of view

Those parents who believe that physical education is a subject that is not useful to their child in his career should reconsider such an attitude. No doubt, technical progress has greatly facilitated the lives of workers whose profession is associated with heavy physical work. But this does not mean that there is no need for fitness.

In modern society, there appear more and more professions that require not brute physical strength but coordinated and calculated efforts. In other words, today it is not enough just to be strong. You must have speed, strength, flexibility and endurance. This is especially true of technical professions where an increased level of physical fitness is required.

It is not difficult to guess that a specialist who skipped physical education classes at school will not be able to meet the requirements put forward by the profession.

Sports: not only health but also discipline

People involved in sports are convinced that only thanks to it they were able to believe in their strength and achieve success in life. After all, the main principle of modern life is realized through sport – “rely only on your own strength”. This means that you can succeed by relying solely on your personal, individual qualities: hard work, ambition, patience, initiative and volitional qualities. Thanks to sports, people develop useful skills such as good reaction, speed, patience, as well as endurance and resistance to many negative environmental factors.

That is why experts urge parents to actively engage not only in the spiritual, psychological and intellectual development of their children, but also in physical ones. Exercise is as important as mental exertion. Moreover, thanks to sports, children cope with mental loads more easily and their bodies develop without any abnormalities. Of course, physical education at school is not enough for full physical development. The child should additionally attend some sports section. At the same time, it doesn’t matter what sport your child chooses – swimming, basketball, tennis or football. Sports will help move towards health and success in life!