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Top 10 Winter Sports in the USA

Winter sports are definitely fun. Only the most courageous young people can cope with the cold – not to mention coping with the physical exertion of a complex sport. Below there is a list of the 10 most popular winter sports.

Number 10: Bobsleigh

Bobsleigh may have become popular thanks to the steep races of 1993, but it was a terrific sport long before it. Bob on the track can reach speeds of up to 95 kilometers per hour.

Number 9: Speedway on Ice

Speedway is a type of motorcycle racing that takes place on an ice-covered oval track. The racetrack is similar to the track for cinder tracks, often competitions are held on the same tracks, only covered with ice. Riders go counterclockwise on the track, which length is from 260 to 425 m.TOP 10 US Winter Sports

Number 8: Ski jumping

Ski jumping is one of the strangest and most promising winter sports, as well as the main source of adrenaline. The height of the jumps can reach 30 m.

Number 7: Hockey

Hockey is well known to many — especially Canadians. This is a sports game on ice, which consists in the confrontation of two teams, which, passing the puck with bandy, tend to throw it the greatest number of times into the opponent’s goal and not miss it.

Number 6: Luge

Luge is one of the most bizarre winter sports. The speed on the track can reach up to 130 km/h.

Number 5: Speed Skating

Speed skating is an Olympic sport in which it is necessary to overcome a certain distance on skates faster than rivals do. Speed skating competitions are held separately for men and for women.

Number 4: Alpine Skiing

Alpine skiing includes several types of outdoor activities, including slope, slalom, giant slalom and super-G skiing. All of these activities include skiing off a hill.

Number 3: Freestyle

Freestyle is a type of skiing included in the program of the Winter Olympic Games. Freestyle disciplines are ski acrobatics, mogul, ski cross, ski halfpipe, slopestyle. For freestyle, it is customary to attribute the style of the new school.

Number 2: Figure Skating

The second place in our list of the most popular winter sports is figure skating. Figure skating has always been popular, most likely because viewers admire to watch beautiful girls dance on ice like ballerinas.

Number 1: Snowboarding

Finally, number one on our list is taken by snowboarding. This is not surprising since snowboarding is considered one of the most “hardcore” winter sports. Snowboarders can also earn great sums of money by advertising various brands.