High School Sport is very appreciated in the USA

Why Do We Need Sports in School?

Many parents wonder if their children need physical education at school. Sport is movement, tone, willpower. Many parents know about this but not all of them foster a love for physical activity in their children. Today, we will tell you about the benefits of sports for students.

10 reasons to play sports in school

sports in school

  1. People involved in sports (even non-professional athletes) have much better health than non-athletes. Sports strengthen the heart, normalize blood pressure, have a beneficial effect on the work of all vital body systems, as well as improve brain activity and slow down the aging process;
  2. Sports activities provide a good mood. After exercise, a person always feels a surge of strength, even if he is physically tired; his morale is high, his mental state is beautiful, his vitality is maximally activated. They say that sport is the best remedy for depression, because it helps to temporarily get rid of problems and troubles and look at them from a different angle, and this helps psyche to relax;
  3. Sport increases self-esteem, develops will, makes a person stronger. Indeed, in many cases, training is closely linked with overcoming your weaknesses, working at the limit of your capabilities, overestimating your values and many other things that temper a person’s character;
  4. The fourth reason is quite banal, but, nevertheless, very important – the saturation of the body with oxygen. During various exercises, the human body begins to consume more oxygen, thereby saturating all its cells with it. This improves blood circulation and capillary function, as well as has a beneficial effect on the reaction, reflexes and muscle work;
  5. The fifth reason is one of the most pleasant because it is directly related to the appearance of the person. If you look for information on the Internet, you can find countless examples when people radically changed their appearance and got a stunning figure. This is the most powerful motivation for many people. But of course, we must not forget about personal and spiritual growth;
  6. Systematic exercise provides healthy sleep, thereby stimulating the production of endorphins by the body, which frees a person from nervous tension and stress, and prevents the onset of depressive states and insomnia;
  7. Exercise is a great way to control your appetite. Endorphins serve as a kind of safety device, blocking the feeling of hunger at unnecessary moments and activating it only when the body really needs to be recharged. So it turns out that a person ceases to both undernourish and abuse food;
  8. Sport is a way to resist chronic fatigue, increase stress tolerance, increase the supply of vital energy and maintain excellent well-being. Playing sports, a person makes himself stronger and can better resist external circumstances and the pressure of everyday life. Every day becomes filled with incentives and the desire to achieve goals;
  9. The ninth reason involves the rapid recovery of the body after various kinds of injuries, serious illnesses, operations, etc. It works in all cases, i.e. it doesn’t matter whether sports preceded any health problems or health problems preceded sports activities – the positive impact of sports will always be noticeable because the body becomes many times stronger than it was before;
  10. The tenth reason involves a way of life in general. Being engaged in sports, a person can drastically change himself, his personality and his life. And there is a huge amount of evidence. Sport can even be called a kind of therapy because many depressed people began to notice a long-awaited light and came to harmony and happiness after several months of training. In addition, the sport helps to get rid of bad habits, change the social circle, find new friends and even a life partner. Sport has only positive qualities. This is perhaps one of the few things which have no disadvantages.

Finally, we would like to remind you that sport is an excellent tool for correcting a child’s personality. Aggressive battleships in martial arts will teach them to control their emotions and will add confidence to a shy kid. Swimming will relieve stress and exhaustion, and chess and tennis will develop logical thinking. Each sport is good and useful in its own way. We wish your child excellent results and good health!