High School Sport is very appreciated in the USA

Athletic Scholarship or A Loan To Cover Studying in the US Universities

athletic scholarship or a loan to cover studying in the US universities

If you are professionally involved in sports and plan to continue your studies in the USA, then an athletic scholarship is an option with which you can combine both, while reducing the cost of accomodation and university.

A lot of attention is paid to sports culture in American universities and schools — it is a separate world with its own rules, pros and cons. Once you get a sports scholarship, you will be able to expand your career opportunities, see the country, go with the team to competitions in other states, and, of course, get a prestigious education.

Briefly about sports scholarships in the USA

  • Sports scholarships are more common in the USA than in any other country, but they are still very rare — less than 2% of all student-athletes in the USA receive them.
  • The amount of payments depends on the sports division to which the university belongs. Full tuition fees are found only in educational institutions with the strongest teams in the country. On average, the amount of payments is $10,000 per year.
  • The decision to pay the scholarship is not made by the commission or the university, but by the coach of the team. The most common sports are basketball, American football and cross country.
  • The requirements for athletes are the same as in the whole world. It is difficult to express in numbers the criteria by which an applicant for a scholarship can be identified. In general, to qualify for a place in the first division team, you need to play at a level worthy of a professional sports club.

The amount of the scholarship depends on the division to which the university belongs. The maximum payout amount is approximately $40,000/year, not counting other benefits. On average, a student can count on $10,000.

Package of documents for an athlet scholarship

Contrary to what many young athletes think, it is not enough just to be good at sports, you need to present yourself and prepare:

  • a resume that includes information about sports experience and achievements;
  • a professionally made HD video that will clearly demonstrate the candidate’s skills, because the coach does not have the opportunity to personally attend his game. It is better to upload the video to Youtube and send the link in an email;
  • high school diploma;
  • transcript with grades and completed disciplines;
  • SAT test results;
  • TOEFL certificate confirming knowledge of the language;
  • recommendation letters from mentors;
  • motivation letter.

Requirements may vary, so check this information on the websites of universities you have chosen. After the list of schools is compiled and the package of papers is prepared, you can start communicating with the coaches and send them your documents by e-mail.

What to do if there is no money for education?

American colleges and universities set prices based on the capabilities of the citizens. On average, studying for a bachelor’s degree in the United States costs $8,000-$18,000, but many colleges can cost you up to $30,000 annually. However, you can try your luck by contacting American foundations that are ready to issue scholarships or grants under certain terms.

US citizens can get a federal loan through the Federal Graduate PLUS Program of the US Department of Education, then foreign students have a much harder time. During the years of economic growth, they could get a loan to study at the MBA program without a guarantor-a US citizen, but since 2011 it has become almost impossible.

And what to do if your credit history is ruined by the time you decide to take out a loan. At best, you will be approved of a small amount, at worst – not approved at all. We suggest you get acquainted with how to take out, for example, a small loan with a bad credit history – https://wmfcu.org/bad-credit-loans-in-massachusetts, for example, in Massachusetts, especially if you are going to become a student of the Massachusetts Technological University (MIT).

What is the difference between a loan and a loan with a bad credit history? Let’s figure it out. This is the same type of a loan only available for people with a bad credit history.

A bad credit loan online can be taken out according to the following scheme:

  • enter the required amount and loan term on the website;
  • register and submit an application;
  • a response will come within 5-15 minutes and, if the application is approved, the specified amount will be credited to the card.

As you understand, anyone can get a loan, even with a spoiled history and implement all plans for study, extra courses or go to get new knowledge in a new field.