High School Sport is very appreciated in the USA

High Shcool Football

American football is one of the most popular sports in the United States. Love for this sport is instilled from a young age. Already in high school, Americans play with rivals from other schools. They pay great attention to soccer: a support group, fans, tickets to the game.

Friday night comes, and the same ritual is performed throughout the United States:

  • cheerleaders keep pompons ready;
  • marching band musicians tune instruments;
  • football players in locker rooms of the stadiums put on protective gear, lace up the boots and become ready to run out onto the stadium fields lit by lights, the stands of which are crowded.

high school footballIn the fall, the high school championship in American football starts, and it is their favorite season for many Americans.

For them, American football is not just a game, but everything else associated with it and inspired by it. For the players, it is hard work and all the team strives to achieve what no one can achieve alone. Trainers emphasize that this sport teaches to overcome life obstacles. Fans like the sense of community arising in the stadium, actively supported by cheerleaders, dance groups and marching orchestras.

Details about football

American football is the most popular sport in the United States, both among fans (about 40% of viewers of one of the largest ESPN sports channels in the US call it their favorite type) and athletes (in American football is played most by school and college students).

American football is a team game played on a field measuring 120 yards (109.7 meters) long and 53.3 yards (48.7 meters) wide. The field is marked every five yards with crossing connecting lineы, the central of which is marked as “55”, and every ten yards in both directions are, respectively, “40”, “30”, etc. marks. At a distance of 50 yards from the central line, the “goal lines” are located, followed by 10-yard “scoring zones”. On the far border of the scoring zones, there is a gate in the form of a slingshot, the bottom bar of which is located 10feet (about three meters) above the ground, and the width is 18 feet 6 inches (6 meters) for professional and student teams or 23 feet 4 inches (7 meters ) for schoolchildren. The height of the side posts is at least ten feet (3 meters) for school fields and ten yards (9.1 meters) for professionals and students.

The team with the greatest points wins, which can be earned in different ways: bring the ball (and play American football with an oval ball) in the opponent’s goal zone (touchdown, brings six points), scoring it into the goal “from the game” ( field goal brings three points), stop the attacking team with the ball in its own safety zone (safety brings two points). In addition, after a touchdown, an attack can either try to score a ball into the goal with a kick (extra point brings one point), or repeat a touchdown, starting an attack in 2 (for professionals) or 3 (for amateurs) yards of the scoring zones (it brings two points).