High School Sport is very appreciated in the USA

High Shcool Basketball

Studying at a basketball school in the United States provides up truly great prospects for the athlete of great promise. Even before planning a budget for trainings, you can try to get the so-called sports scholarship to study in the United States of America. Sports scholarship can cover up to 100% of the cost of training.

Choose the school

Education in the USA is represented by a fairly large number of institutions: foreigners are accepted by private schools in the country and its universities. The American school is a full twelve years of study, often supplemented by Post Graduate Year, so not only teenagers but also almost adult young people can be found among older students. The best option for a foreign student is a 2-year called Junior College or Prep Year at the school because entrance exams are not required for admission.Basketball in High Schools

Highlights + application

This is a short video game for a basketball school in the United States, accompanied by a short story about your personal academic success and sports achievements. The video is your presentation for American coaches, so the format Highlights – is cutting out the highlights of the workouts and games. So the movie will look as winning as possible.

Prepare an exhaustive summary in which you specify your age, parameters (height and weight), as well as a position on the basketball court. Write your achievements point by point. Good performance will be a significant advantage, as the American coach is always interested in players with good academic grades.

Contact coaches

Have the courage to offer yourself as an athlete to a specific coach. It is most logical to contact him directly: schools and colleges in the United States leave the contacts of their coaches in the public domain on the official websites in the relevant sections. An important point: there are a lot of people who want to get a scholarship, so coaches receive dozens, if not hundreds, of similar letters per day. Therefore, you should not contact several specialists at once to have a choice.

Let’s imagine your choice is a basketball school in the USA, California. Take the list of High School there, get contacts of coaches and send him your materials. Even if only one-third of your requests are answered, you are guaranteed to receive interesting financing offers. This is especially true of really promising young players.

Our advice: good coaches are found in sports summer camps working on the Exposure Camps program.

What is a basketball school in the USA?

Studying at High school implies an independent choice of subjects, in addition to compulsory general education (mathematics, English, history and, of course, physical education), as well as drawing up an individual schedule. The main requirement is to collect the required number of hours for each group of disciplines. Thus, in one lesson students of different classes of higher school can take part.

The basketball season is traditionally held from November to March, and the number of games and potential rival teams is determined by the school level of the sport. In a “strong” school, there can be up to 45 games per season. Often, an additional, the so-called “summer” season is held, when players represent not schools, but teams formed from leading athletes in a city or state. College coaches select players during the official games of the season and during the AAU season. The time of their communication is governed by the rules of recruiting in student basketball.